On January 17, 2002, The Perseverance public house, in Cosway Street, London NW1, close to what was the Science Block of the former St. Marylebone Grammar School, saw a gathering of a select group of past pupils of the famed educational establishment.
Fourteen OPs who started at the school at the age of 11 in 1961, or joined that group later, met for what turned out to be the first of a series of regular reunions, including on Guy Fawkes night, 2009, marking Payne's 60th birthday. The latest was on July 30, 2013, at a new venue - The Sports Bar and Grill, next to Marylebone Station. Corré (G), Darvas, Deyong, Fasler, Gordon, Jones, Leibovici, Leach,  Parnes and Wallace have attended at various times, whilst Edwards made an appearance at a dinner hosted by Leach.
The 'Group of '61' works in conjunction with the official Old Philologians, encouraging attendance at its annual events and indeed bullying those of the 'Group of '61' who have not done so to cough up the £5 annual Old Philologians subscription.
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Old Philologians of '61
The website for those who were first-
formers at St. Marylebone Grammar
School, London, England, in 1961
(or who joined the group later)

Old Philologians
Peter Hall died four days after our first reunion. At the funeral in Worthing, Parsons, Wildman and Williams represented us.
Alan Rawel died in Autumn, 2004. Grossman, Kinsella and Parnes went to the burial in Cheshunt.
Sadly, Andrew Gee passed away in December, 2012.

We regret to record the deaths, in May, 2009, of Ted McNeal, much loved and respected last Deputy Head, and stalwart of the Old Philologians; in
June, 2002, of Roy Mansell, described by Nigel Wallace as 'the best teacher I ever had';
and in May, 2004, of     Michael Blakeway,
(below, right) a popular,

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The Old Philologians is the official organisation representing past pupils and staff of  the former school. For just £5 a year, members get three newsletters and at least three social events, including the Annual Dinner, held each in the Autumn.
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July 30, 2013 From Top Left, Deyong, Gordon, Corré, Parsons, Fasler, Darvas, Leibovici and Jones. Left, Packman and Ross. Right, Kinsella.

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