1H at Camp, Summer, 1962, with form master, Mr Guy Back.
He was son of the Cockney character actress Kathleen Harrison, who at least once sat with her son for lunch at the Head's table.

Left: 'The Parrot' pub at Forest Green was strictly out-of-bounds to pupils, though less so as you got older - so long as you drank your half of bitter or light 'n' lime out of sight of the masters.
Right: The tower at the top of Leith Hill was a welcome sight after a cross-country run, though not so much as the refreshments hut which sold ginger beer and cakes. (Pics, Steven Konrad)
Above Left: Advance party preparing the             Above Right: Kinsella, Leach and
tent field. Leach, Slater and Collins in                Slater consider making a run for it.
front; Pithers in customary pose with                 Below: Payne, Golding, Mack, Larkin,
with hand scythe; Parnes supervising.               Grossman (in hat!) Rawel & Parnes.       
Above: Payne, Parsons, Mack, Brendon, visiting German teacher?, 'Arty' Leatham, Kinsella and Slater start peeling potatoes.
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