This Brief History of the School, from 1792 to 1954, and a second, tracing the years
until its closure in 1981, are
among five books written by E. (Ted) McNeal, who was
the last Deputy Headmaster,
Copies are available from the Old Philologians.
1792.  The Philological Society founded at 1, Mary Street, Fitzroy Square, under patronage of Thomas Collingwood of St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, a nephew of the admiral.
Original aim to have 40 scholars - 10 for the Ministry, 10 for the Navy and 20 for mechanics (e.g. trade-turners, brassbounders and coachmakers).
Nominees usually the children of subscribers' own dependants; some just sons of 'the deserving poor'.
School divided into four classes: over 13; over 12; over 11; under 11.
Early 19th Century  Patrons include Lord Palmerston and Frederick, Duke of York. And William Wilberforce Esq., M.P. who had a farm in St. John's Wood, was a vice-president.
Pupils bound by affidavit to remain in the school until the age of 14, though those destined for the Ministry stayed until 19. After two years, boys could apply to learn French, Latin or Drawing. Boys of the Latin class wore a silk gown and a silver medal 'as an encouragement to industry'.
1827 Edwin Abbott appointed Head.
School moved to new (Lisson Grove) site, then called the New Road. At that time, the section from Lisson Grove to Balcombe Street was known as Gloucester Place.
Turning point in fortunes of the Foundation, with patronage of King George IV and the Duke of Wellington.  
1834 School recived into union with King's College.
1840 Queen Victoria Patroness of the school.
1857 New school buildings opened by Archbishop of Canterbury.
1863 Two plane trees planted in forecourt.
1872 William Moore, assistant junior master in 1854 and an old boy of the school, appointed Head.
1901 School becomes St. Marylebone Grammar School.
1902 Charles Houseman appointed Head.
1910 King George V agrees to continue as Patron on his accession.
1920 G.S. Penny appointed Head.
1923 Philip A. Wayne appointed Head. School roll now 160..
1929 Forest Green set up with gift of £10,000 from Lord Rothermere. Fives court built.
1936 Lord Rothermere appointed member of Board of Governors and its Chairman.
1939 School evacuated to Redruth.
1943 School in London partially re-opened.
1954 Harold Llewellyn Smith appointed Head.
1960 Rutherford School opened.
1965 Science Block opened.
1966 Suggestions for amalgamation of the two schools.
1969 Harold Llewellyn Smith retires. Patrick Hutton appointed Head.
1977 Secretary of State approves closure.
1981 July 24, Final Assembly.


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